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Translating new Approaches & Knowledge into EnvirOnmentally Friendly Farming



12 months (05.2022 - 04.2023)

About the project

Agricultural Practices are responsible for 17-20% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions but are also the main driver for biodiversity and habitat degradation and loss. Farmers remain the real countryside managers with paramount importance in the effort to meet the targets for EU Biodiversity Strategy (BDS) 2030 and the EU climate targets for 2050.  However, farmers belong to professions where training is not provided to an adequate degree due to a lack of Vocation Educational Training (VET) tailored to farmers. 

TAKEOFF project aims to bridge this gap, by promoting Environmentally Friendly Farming (EFF), in line with major EU policies and initiatives, such as the EU climate targets and the EU Biodiversity Strategy. In addition, TAKEOFF is tailored to the ERASMUS+ Horizontal Priorities for the environment and fight against climate change, and stimulating innovative learning and teaching practices. 

The concrete objectives of the project are:

- Produce an e-learning course for Environmental Friendly Farming (EFF) - Activity 1

- Built an online tool for promoting EFF practices - Activity 2

- Produce a replicability e-package for education & training activities related to EFF - Activity 3

- Interact with the target groups and increase outputs uptake by implementing 2 multiplier events, in Cyprus and Italy - Activities 4,5.